Simon Baker: Translation of a Belgium Interview.



It is a Google translation so…….


Simon Baker teaches you manners 
He has a charming smile but does not overdo it: he knows his power of seduction, no need to add more. If girls believe that romance and chivalry are now ancient history, he proves otherwise with his elegance and foolproof thoughtfulness. It is the “gentleman”, a term that might seem straight out of another era but resumed service with Simon Baker. 

The sexy mentalist lends his face to the new fragrance Givenchy Gentlemen Only. “It is an honor, a privilege and a luxury,” the actor recently said before giving his own definition of gentleman: “This is an interesting concept. Most people think it’s something a little old-fashioned but I think it is a timeless concept. It is ambitious to be a gentleman. I learned respect, courtesy, humility. ” 

“I think now, the idea of ​​fashion and masculinity mix with talent. It is acceptable to be masculine, independent, strong and at the same time, interested in his style, the way he’s seen in the eyes of others. I think we have come a long way in this regard. now that we can be called a modern gentleman who knows how it presents. ” 

For Simon Baker, a gentleman must obviously behave with women. “The gentlemen treat women with respect and intelligence, warmth and compassion.” 

The beautiful Australian says he loves the scent on the skin of a woman. “In men, it is important to me that the fragrance does not eclipse the man. It is like clothing: men must wear the clothes, clothes should not wear the man. A man must find a fragrance that highlights the essence of what he is. ” 

A fragrance like a fine wine 
Simon Baker loves the “experience” of Gentleman Only. “It is refreshing, invigorating, dynamic. Gradually, as time passes, it softens and becomes more sensual. What is interesting about this fragrance is the detail and delicacy of odor any sensory experience. This is new to me but it is like a good wine … The top notes and others … The way it reacts when you put it and how it evolves with you … ” 

This woody fragrance, sensual, which comes in spray deodorant and aftershave which we love the bottle near the flange, solid, impressive but sober appeal to men who are not afraid to take on their personality. 


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