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Simon Baker teaches you manners 
He has a charming smile but does not overdo it: he knows his power of seduction, no need to add more. If girls believe that romance and chivalry are now ancient history, he proves otherwise with his elegance and foolproof thoughtfulness. It is the “gentleman”, a term that might seem straight out of another era but resumed service with Simon Baker. 

The sexy mentalist lends his face to the new fragrance Givenchy Gentlemen Only. “It is an honor, a privilege and a luxury,” the actor recently said before giving his own definition of gentleman: “This is an interesting concept. Most people think it’s something a little old-fashioned but I think it is a timeless concept. It is ambitious to be a gentleman. I learned respect, courtesy, humility. ” 

“I think now, the idea of ​​fashion and masculinity mix with talent. It is acceptable to be masculine, independent, strong and at the same time, interested in his style, the way he’s seen in the eyes of others. I think we have come a long way in this regard. now that we can be called a modern gentleman who knows how it presents. ” 

For Simon Baker, a gentleman must obviously behave with women. “The gentlemen treat women with respect and intelligence, warmth and compassion.” 

The beautiful Australian says he loves the scent on the skin of a woman. “In men, it is important to me that the fragrance does not eclipse the man. It is like clothing: men must wear the clothes, clothes should not wear the man. A man must find a fragrance that highlights the essence of what he is. ” 

A fragrance like a fine wine 
Simon Baker loves the “experience” of Gentleman Only. “It is refreshing, invigorating, dynamic. Gradually, as time passes, it softens and becomes more sensual. What is interesting about this fragrance is the detail and delicacy of odor any sensory experience. This is new to me but it is like a good wine … The top notes and others … The way it reacts when you put it and how it evolves with you … ” 

This woody fragrance, sensual, which comes in spray deodorant and aftershave which we love the bottle near the flange, solid, impressive but sober appeal to men who are not afraid to take on their personality. 


simonBaker Elle magazine translation

This was translated by DSPallas on the Simonize Board.

Photo Caption 1
Simon Baker, 43, main actor of The Mentalist. Premium Crime channel is broadcasting the fifth season of the TV series at the moment. Burberry, shirt Louis Vuitton.

In the famous TV series The Mentalist, he is the intuitive Patrick Jane. But you’ve also seen him in The Devil Wears Prada and Margin Call. We’ll soon see him in the comedy I Give a Year, and Givenchy chosed him as the face of its new fragrance Gentlemen Only. Simon Baker, the coolest and sexiest Australian of the moment, unveils his charm.

By Virginia Dolata – Photos Benoît Peverelli.

Paris. On Saturday afternoon. Simon Baker arrives with his people: Beauty consultant, French fashion stylist, bodyguard.He is pleasantly surprised to find himself in an apartment where time seems to have stopped a century ago. He greets everyone with a warm handshake and a smile. And begins to ask questions about this fascinating place to attendees who remain voiceless, almost hypnotized. “Come on, all is right, relax. Why not eating something?”
We stare at each other with a questioning look, and then we prepare to sit down for lunch. It is not easy to face the Mentalist. And what if he was really able to read our minds? Forty-three years old, blond and terribly fascinating, blue eyes, 1.78 m, an irresistible smile behind black Ray-Ban glasses. He has the look of James Dean and exudes manliness from every pore. Our stylist compares his profile with Steve McQueen’s. She shows him her proposals, along with some pictures of famous actors, just to get an idea. He likes them a lot. He jokes during the meal, even if maybe he is not really enjoying himself. He does his best, but he is very tired. These past six months, he worked without a moment of respite, and now it’s a 48-hours marathon waiting for him in Paris: he went here directly from the airport, and then will leave again for Los Angeles.

The photographer takes him to the streets for a quick shooting, and in ten minutes, Simon finds himself surrounded by an undetermined number of young girls and their mothers… Why do you think he is always listed in the category of “the sexiest men in the world.”
Back at the apartment, Baker becomes even more sociable and ready to open up to us. Exhausted but happy, he speaks calmly, drinking a beer with a sigh of relief: “I want to distance myself from all this madness.” Analysis of the Baker phenomenon.

His roots
This fascinating actor was born in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, where his father still lives. “I spent a short time there.” At 2 years old, his parents divorced and his mother remarried. “We settled in New Guinea, then moved to Sydney and then to the North coast of New South Wales.” He now lives in Los Angeles, but still owns a house in Australia.

He got his first Award in 1992, when he received the Logie, a prestigious awards in Australia, for “the most popular young talent.” Simon Baker has appeared in numerous films and TV series, starting with E Street, which made him famous down under, and The Guardian in the United States. But it’s especially The Mentalist – which he also produced – who made him an international star on the small screen.

The Mentalist
Patrick Jane, the character he plays in The Mentalist, gets millions of viewers weekly in Europe, in the USA and wherever it is broadcast. Consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation, he uses his mentalist talents to help a team of investigators. His skills allows him to notice every tiny detail, things that are fleeting, and seemingly unnecessary, from which Patrick gets the pieces of a puzzle that will enable him to solve case after case. “At the moment we are filming the 6th season (it’s 5th, tn), but I cannot tell you anything.” He was twice nominated for a Golden Globe.

We have already seen him in films, either in cameos or in more important roles or leading roles: in LA Confidential for instance, with Kim Basinger, most recently in Margin Call and Not Forgotten with Paz Vega. We’ve also surprisingly seen him in horror films such as Land of the DeadThe Ring 2, and Red Planet, a science fiction film. But he is probably best remembered in the role of an adorable rascal in The Devil Wears Prada. “When my daughter read the script, she thought it would be a good role for me…”.

Sometimes he feels overwhelmed by his three children: Stella, 19, Claude, 13, and Harry 11. Especially his relationship with his offspring is a mixture of unconditional love and jumpers turned into dresses: “Sometimes I want to escape and shut myself in a bubble. My daughter Stella steal my sweaters, she snuggled in and stretches them over her knees. She deforms them all”, he said. “With her, my relationship is complex, although over the years it improves. She no longer lives with us, it’s been 2 years she is in college now… Before leaving home, the children drive you crazy. And it makes things easier when the time comes to tell them goodbye”.

His best friends: Australians
Thanks to the advice of Nicole Kidman, a friend and compatriot, the Bakers embarked for the United States to reinvigorate their careers. Kidman is Claude’s godmother, while Naomi Watts is the godmother of little Harry. That would make a good title for a blockbuster Made in Australia!

“The craziest thing I’ve done for love was getting married.” According to the legend, Simon Baker met his wife, actress Rebecca Rigg, a beautiful brunette, during a blind date in Sydney in 1991. 22 years and three children later, the couple still seems to be in love as the very first day. So far, not even a small scandal in the tabloids …

Wearing a montgomery duffle coat, a blue sweater and a pair of jeans: he got style. “The fashion world is important. We talk about creativity here, expression. I like to dress simple and classic, but aesthetics are important. Previously, my wife helped me to choose my clothes. Not anymore . She is very conservative about menswear.

Daily care
Baker is a man, a real one, maybe even tattooed (we do not have the means to check …). Regarding the “Beauty culture”, he restricts himself to the essential. “I spent most of my life under the sun, surfing, so I only use a moisturizer.” Yet he confesses a weakness: “I love Thai massages, but the well done ones. It is a bit like passive yoga. Truly, nothing is worse than a massage done wrong, too delicate …”.

Actor and gentleman
Baker was chosen as the face of the new Givenchy fragrance, Gentlemen Only. Even him seems surprised by that. “This is a new experience for me. I grew up in Australia, it is a world apart. France is the center of elegance and fashion, but I’ve never seen myself personally associated with the fashion world, and I never thought I would do one day. When Givenchy contacted me, I did not feel at all prepared, and then I realized that they were accepting me just the way I was. I think it’s an exciting experience, but also a great responsibility. ”

His projects
The actor-producer has a long list of projects for 2013, excepting of course the new season of The Mentalist. “I’m involved in the production of a film in Australia, and will also be in it as an actor. Rehearsals should begin shortly, and it’s the adaptation of Breath, a book written by Tim Winton (one of the most famous living Australian authors). It’s about surfing, dangerous life and friendship.

His new family
The actor plays in the comedy I give it a Year with Rose Byrne: “She is a wonderful girl, and the movie is fun. It tells the story of a couple who just got married. Each of them realizes they have little in common and falls in love with someone else”. Pure fiction for Baker, who will soon celebrate 15 years of marriage …

Simon Baker in points (dots?)

Your favourite quality in a man
Honesty, respect

Your favourite quality in a woman
Many, but basically when she’s able of taking care of the people she loves.

What do you value most in your friends?

Your worst defect?

Your favorite hobby?

Your idea of happiness?
Not having any schedules or program

If you weren’t yourself, who would you be?
My children

What flowers do you like to offer?
I love white flowers, frangipani flowers and peonies

Your favorite heroes in literature?
The fisherman in “The Old Man and the Sea”

Your favorite movie?
I love Truffaut films like “La femme d’à côté” with Fanny Ardant, and “Le dermier Métro” starring Catherine Deneuve and Gérard Depardieu. And films with Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Your favourite music style?
Any. I love everything from Serge Gainsbourg, and Eleven’s Trio (an Australian band, rn). I love all type of musics, I do not have a favourite genre. When I was a kid, I used to identify myself with things that I loved, but with the passing of years, I also learned to appreciate different things.

What you cannot stand?
People who have not respect for the others, like those who are talking on the phone in front of you. In general, rude people.

The talent you wish you had?
I would like to know how to write. In fact I’m afraid. Maybe it’s a block, rather than a fear. And I’d like to speak another language.

What is your greatest weakness?
Probably selfishness. I am very selfish. And when I do something and I realize that I did it just for me, it makes me very angry. Over the years, I like it less and less.

Your favourite swear word?
it doesn’t sound very “gentleman” (he bursts into laughs)

Your favorite slogan?
“A missed opportunity is a lost opportunity”. Or “Carpe Diem”. I do that all the time. Never give up, if you don’t succeed today, try again tomorrow, and then again the day after tomorrow …

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