New Interview -for Journal des Femmes – Meet Simon Baker (at Chantilly Hotel) by DSPalla

Simon Baker, elegance personified
At the Prix de Diane, we met the actor from The Mentalist, Simon Baker. The face of the brand Longines watches is up to his reputation as the charming man.

One Sunday morning in Chantilly, we have an appointment with Simon Baker. Yes that easily. The actor of The Mentalist series is also the face of the watch brand Longines, partner of the Prix de Diane. This equestrian event, under the sign of elegance, takes place every year in Picardy. And the Australian actor, already present last year, seems to have taken his habits since he’s back for the 2013 edition.
In his hotel near the castle, he receives us with a huge smile. Famous or not, the beautiful reddish blond does not seem to be big headed and welcomes us warmly. A charming “Hi!” and a handshake later, we are definitely in love. And the interview has not even begun…

Simply wearing a shirt (wich we had the pleasure to unbutton to place our microphone) and a pair of jeans, Simon Baker had left the three-piece suit dear to his character, Patrick Jane: “People are not always used to see me with my true look.” However, even if the suit is not part of the daily life of the actor, he still displays a natural elegance which earned him the favor of the ladies. “People often ask me, in relation to my collaborations with Longines and Givenchy, what is elegance ?, what makes a gentleman ?… For me, this is a matter for your wisdom.” We have decided: gentleman he is. But even if this means breaking a few hearts, let’s say the devastatingly charming actor has been married for many years to actress Rebecca Rigg, with whom he has three children. Damned!

We would have happily made an appointment for a session of mentalism, especially since the actor is a gallant man, the kind our grandmothers dream about for us: “I am occasionnally a bit late, but I don’t like to keep people waiting. It’s bad manners”. We understand why the watch brand Longines has chosen him as its face. Enough to definitively establish his status as the ideal son-in-law. But since the fantasy that makes us melt with his genuine smile is not available, we can always try to find out if, at least, he feels good in France… Just in case he changes his mind… “It’s always a pleasure to be in France,” he assures us. But soon our last hopes are ruined: “I am Australian, I’ll always be, that’s what I am, what is engraved in my heart. I also like to live in the U.S. Two of my children were born there, so I also have a close link with that country. ”

While we’re already imagining an emigration plan, the time allowed is up. We must say goodbye to our favourite gentleman. And surprisingly, he replies in a “so charmant” French, that so irresistible smile on his lips. Quickly, we schedule another meeting for next year!